Nuke – Applescript Droplet to Render Nuke Scripts in Terminal


**UPDATE 21/04/17**
I have updated this script to use the GPU when rendering.  Please see this post for more details – Rendering with the GPU in Nuke

Since working on Spectre I’ve started rendering all my Nuke scripts in terminal shells and not the gui.  This feels a lot tidier and also seems to run much faster.

I’ve created an Applescript droplet to help with this.  Simply drop your script on to the droplet and it will open a terminal, enter the necessary information and then start rendering.


Thanks to jweaks on Stack Overflow for the help on this!

Please note – the version of Nuke you are running must be set up in your .bash_profile file for this droplet to work.  The Foundry have written an excellent piece on this if you need help.

Command-Line Operations


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