Nuke – Framehold Using Current Frame

When I create a FrameHold node I’m normally on frame I want to… well… frame hold.  Therefore wouldn’t it be great if Nuke held the frame you created the FrameHold on?  Well now it can with this simple piece of Python.  Just pop it in to your file in your home/.nuke folder and off you go.

# FrameHold creation frame'Nodes').addCommand( "Time/FrameHold", "nuke.createNode('FrameHold')['first_frame'].setValue( nuke.frame() )", icon='FrameHold.png')


It uses the nuke.frame() function which calls the current frame.

Happy frame holding!

Thanks to David Emney for the heads up on this.
FrameHold default to current frame


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