Nuke – Backdrop Utility by Geoffroy Givry

backdrop1 Nukes backdrop feature promises to keep your scripts neat and tidy and in order… but it seems to always want to pick bright pink or fluro orange! 18% grey please Nuke!

Luckily Geoffroy Givry has come up with a nifty little python script that replaces the backdrop feature with a far superior utility.  A name can be added to the group, the font size can be adjusted and the colour always defaults to… grey!  Other muted tones can also be selected.

The python script can be downloaded from Nukepedia.

labelAutobackdrop v1.0

Place the file in your home/.nuke folder.  Then add the following to your ‘’ file which should be in same location (or create a ‘’ file if you don’t see one)…

# setup autoBackdrop in toolbar
import labelAutobackdrop
menuToolbar = nuke.toolbar('Nodes') 
menuToolbar.addCommand('Other/Backdrop', 'labelAutobackdrop.autoBackdrop()', 'Alt+m')

backdrop2There’s a script on the Nukepedia page that Givry suggests putting in to the ‘’ file.  When I tried it I couldn’t get it to work.  Anyone out there have an idea as to why?

Geoffroy Givry’s website.  Click on Python Corner to see his other scripts.

On a side note – here’s a great tutorial from David Windhorst about how to install custom menus and adjust your ‘’ file.
DW// Tutorial 01: Nuke – Install Scripts/Custom Menus

Thank you to Jason Evans for the pointers on this!


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